Andrew Dewald has been working for Lakeshore since Aug. 2019. He has brought many years of work experience in the quality department of a top tier aerospace engineering company. In that role, he learned many time saving techniques. With his prior training and expertise in quality and engineering, he has been able to transfer this attention to detail and precision that came with it to the craftsmanship that we offer here at Lakeshore Barrier Free. He is always striving to learn new and efficient ways of doing things to improve on what he already knows and learning what he doesn't. From tight specifications to crisp lines and flawless finishes, Andrew has the know-how and dedication to make him a valuable part of our team. Andrew is a father of four. He loves to spend time with his family, golf, watch instructional videos, home projects and relax!


Kevin Wonnacott is our most dedicated employee and has been working for Lakeshore for over 10 years. Kevin comes from a background of residential and commercial construction. This has given Kevin the ability to bring a complex array of knowledge in the construction field proven to making him invaluable to our company. Kevin is also a family man with a wife and three daughters. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, fishing and volunteering!


Brandon Sawyer has been a member to the company since Jan. 2017. This is when Craftsman Builders Merged with American Contractor to form a business that focused on barrier free modifications for neurological, muscular or other degenerative conditions resulting in permanent impairment or mobility issues as well as catastrophic accidents victims and aging in place preparation. Brandon has been in the construction field for of 17 years now with a 4 year break to serve our country in the United States Marine corps. Brandon served two deployments. One to Afghanistan and one on a Marine Expeditionary Unit in the pacific during the 2011 Tsunami that hit Japan. Brandon is a family man with a beautiful wife and a daughter that he loves to spend time with. His passion is spending time in the outdoors, hiking, fishing and hunting!